Why do you need a Healthcare Consultant when you interact with medical services?

Have you ever arrived home from your Doctor’s appointment and realized you never mentioned the symptom you are having the most problems with?
Do you wish you had someone with you to help you understand what was being said?

When your family asks you what the doctor said – can you tell them? Do you wish you had it written in plain language?

The drug information sheet the Pharmacist gave you lists many possible side effects – these seem worse than your symptoms. It scares you; who do you talk to?

You are not alone; I can help you.

I am a Registered Nurse and can lessen your fear and increase your understanding of what your physician is recommending.

I can meet with you prior to your scheduled appointment to talk about why you are going to the doctor and help you prepare for the appointment.

I can attend your Medical appointment with you for support and to ensure you discuss your issues with your physician.
I can ensure your physician understands your complaint and help you understand your physician’s recommendations.
I can work with you to set up future appointments to follow up on the treatment plan.

With your permission, I can provide you a written account of the physician visit, the recommended treatment plan and suggested next steps. I can give you this report in plain language and you can share with your family and discuss what you want to do.

As a Registered Nurse in your community, I can help lessen your worry for your family member/parent. If you live at a distance from your parent(s) and need to ensure they are eating, mobilizing and taking their prescriptions as ordered, with all parties authorization, I can arrange a home visit and provide recommendations. 

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