Healthcare Services

Understand the medical jargon. Helping you be heard and understood. Get the treatment of choice.

In-Person Meeting & Assessment

In the comfort of a client’s home, we will discuss doctors’ visits; and, record history of symptoms.

Attend Medical Appointments

Your complaints / issues are heard and understood. You leave with a clear understanding of the physician’s treatment plan.

Post-Physician Follow-up Care

Prescribed treatment plan is being followed properly. Answer questions regarding prescriptions and reviewing medication information. Helping with next steps.

My Approach

Application For Service

Plain Language

Converting medical jargon into plain language.  We want to help you understand.



We address the power of attorney as well as healthcare represenation. Who can make the decisions for you?

My Professional Standards

Involve The Family

Making sure that you have a healthcare team of family and community there to help you.

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