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Telehealth and You

Hello, Like many of you, I am most accustomed to talking on the telephone with friends, family, and telemarketers.  I call my doctor’s/dentist’s office to make appointments. I purchased my first cellular phone in 2001 as I travelled a lot with my job and saw the cell phone as a safety device although there were […]

Who is in your COVID -19 Bubble?

Do you remember blowing bubbles with your children?  Big ones, small ones, round ones, long cylindrical ones, and all their colours in the sunlight. Remember how when they bumped into each other they would connect?  These memories are fresher with my grandchildren than my children.  As I am Nana now, not Mom, I don’t mind […]

Who am I?

As I am asking you to invite me into your life during times of illness, fragility, and uncertainty, I think it is only proper you know something of me.  Yes, I have shared my professional experiences in my bio – but who am I?  What makes me tick? Why do I believe I can help […]

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