choose who is in your Bubble
Choose who you want in your Bubble

Do you remember blowing bubbles with your children?  Big ones, small ones, round ones, long cylindrical ones, and all their colours in the sunlight. Remember how when they bumped into each other they would connect? 

These memories are fresher with my grandchildren than my children.  As I am Nana now, not Mom, I don’t mind if there is water splashed on the floor as we go outside or even if we go outside.

Now with COVID -19 virus lurking, Bubbles have a whole new meaning. There is the emotional pressure and social worries about who is in my Bubble and who is in their Bubble.  Can my Bubble safely accommodate who is in my best friend’s Bubble? What about their work Bubble?

Dr. Henry and other Public Health physicians have told us we can increase our Bubble by one Bubble here in BC. 

What does this mean?

This one action involves many questions. 

We need to ask our family member, friend/support person:

  • Who is in their Bubble? 
  • Do they really know who is already in their Bubble – who have they been interacting with regularly (work, children’s friends, house cleaner, etcetera)

This is a thoughtful approach as we take care and remain aware of our health and the well being of those we love.

Till next time,